Seasonal coverage of the mosaics of Ostia

Like every winter, some of the most delicate mosaics in Ostia undergo seasonal covering with the aim of preserving them from exposure to the weather, temperature changes and humidity. The mosaics are protected with cloths made of delta-lite, a material that ensures that moisture, moss, frost. deleterious to the preservation of the mosaics do not form on the surfaces on which it is placed. With spring, the mosaics will be uncovered again and returned to public enjoyment.

These are the mosaics affected by the seasonal covering:

- the mosaic of Piazzale della Vittoria
- the mosaic of the Augusteum at the Caserma dei Vigili
- the mosaics of the Baths of Neptune (mosaics of Neptune, Amphitrite, Scylla, wrestlers and symbols)
- the mosaic of the Caupona of Fortunatus
- the mosaics of the Piazzale delle Corporazioni
- the floors of the Domus of Apuleius
- the mosaic of the Insula dell'Invidioso
- the mosaic of the Mithraeum of Felicissimus
- the mosaic of the Provinces
- the polychrome mosaic of the Sacellum of Porta Romana
- the mosaic of the Mithraeum of Animals
- the polychrome mosaic of the Caseggiato del Portico di Tufo
- the Nilotic mosaic in the courtyard of the Case a Giardino
- the mosaics of the Domus of the Fishes
- the mosaics of the Domus of the Columns

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